Stowaway by Darcy Flynn – Book Review

Alt="stowaway"Stowaway by Darcy Flynn


Her identity is hidden … He’s determined to uncover it

Charleston, South Carolina shipping heiress, MIRANDA MERRICK, discovers one of her family’s cargo ships, the Elle Merrick, has suffered multiple attacks by a saboteur. The devious actions have put the company at risk for bankruptcy. Miranda refuses to sit idly and wait for years of hard work to be destroyed. She boards the Elle in hopes of gaining help from her uncle, the ship’s captain, only to discover a stranger at the helm.

In an effort to discover the culprit and save her family’s company, Miranda stows away on the ship – keeping her identity a secret while conducting her own investigation. Making matters more complicated, she finds herself attracted to the new captain, who could very well be the enemy. After all, until she can uncover the truth, everyone is suspect.

Captain NOAH SHEPPARD is hoping to merge his small, cargo shipping line, Clayton Company, with the multinational conglomerate, Merrick Shipping. Upon discovering one of Merrick’s ships has been deliberately and systematically sabotaged by a crew member, he agrees to captain the targeted vessel in hopes of discovering the identity of the saboteur. Once caught and brought to justice, both companies will then be able to close the deal and complete the merger.

Two days into the voyage, Noah discovers a stowaway, and assumes she’s either the saboteur or in league with him. But what Noah didn’t bargain for is having to deal with the mysterious, gorgeous, redhead, who wreaks havoc – not only to his patience, but to his heart.


Stowaway by Darcy Flynn is an adventurous, fun and romantic tale set on the high seas. Miranda Merrick is a Charleston, South Carolina shipping heiress that discovers that one of her family’s ships has been under multiple attacks by a saboteur. Her family is facing bankruptcy and her father wants her to marry for financial gain. But, Miranda has another plan, and decides to board the same ship that has come under attack, the Elle Merrick, and get help from her uncle to conduct her own investigation. However, she falls asleep and the ship takes off for Australia. When she awakes, she finds herself as a stowaway aboard the ship. There is a young handsome new captain and a new crew. Miranda hides her identity and takes a job as a cook and a maid, while trying to discover who the saboteur is. Captain Noah Sheppard has agreed to captain the ship to discover who the saboteur is. He also wants to merge his shipping company with the Merrick Company. Miranda and the captain both suspect one another despite their growing attraction for one another. What ensues is a swashbuckling journey filled with danger, suspense and romance.

Stowaway by Darcy Flynn is a modern day swashbuckling romance filled with uncertainty and mystery on the high seas. Darcy Flynn is an excellent storyteller which reveals itself in this fun contemporary story set on a cargo ship headed for Australia, and that has been attacked and sabotaged many times. The author’s writing proficiency shines through as the story unfolds. The characters are amazing, real and relatable with flaws and strengths. They are well developed, as is, the exciting unforgettable plot. Miranda has a spunky clever personality and the romance between her and Captain Noah Sheppard is stirring and electrifying. Darcy Flynn knows how to keep readers in suspense, guessing who the identity of the saboteur could be. Her descriptive writing creates an edgy atmosphere of intrigue and mystery. She sets the tone well with her use of language and draws readers in from the very first chapter. As the ship crosses the ocean, and danger, romance and suspense ensue, readers will revel in it. This dangerous, exciting, fun and sweet love journey is a must read for all readers of this genre. Get yourself a copy and go on an unforgettable exciting journey with the crew of the Elle Merrick. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Stowaway by Darcy Flynn.

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