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Chick Lit Cafe will professionally review your book to make it shine and stand out from the rest. Then we will execute a series of highly effective “targeted” marketing campaigns which will increase your book sales substantially and multiply your readership base. Our goal is to bring you and your book into the online spotlight through our top notch book promotion strategies and email book marketing campaigns.

We have multiple online connections, and linked sites, as well as, multiple social media accounts with thousands of followers in total. We are respected contributing writers to several of the most important and prominent book and readers websites, book news and magazines online and that’s where we will be sharing and marketing your book.

Chick Lit Cafe book reviews & promotion is a popular award-winning book and readers website in the visual and exceptional content categories.

Artisan Book Reviews & Promotions

Artisan Book Reviews writes professional captivating book reviews and runs targeted book & author marketing campaigns. Let us help you reach your goals by giving your book the powerful, strong push it deserves with our range of effective and successful book promotion plans. We will assist you to put your book into the spotlight by enlarging your readership base, magnifying your author visibility, successfully increase book sales and gain excellent, 5-star Amazon reviews.

Also, Artisan Book Reviews sends out email blasts featuring and advertising your book to all our numerous email subscribers and avid readers.

Targeted book marketing that will get your book into reader’s hands, and ultimately sell more books.


Kids Lit Book Café Reviews & Promotion

Kids Lit Book Cafis an award-winning children’s book and literary website that is highly popular among parents, teachers and many of the most prominent children’s book industry professionals. Along with writing you a professional impressive book review, we perform effective book promotion campaigns that will successfully give your children’s book the powerful, strong push it deserves into readers hands. Our range of plans are designed to put your children’s book, aimed at any age group, into the spotlight by enlarging your readership base, magnifying your author visibility, successfully increase book sales and gain excellent, 5-star Amazon reviews.”

Powerful captivating book reviews using strong, powerful words that create excitement and interest in your kids lit book to make it shine and stand out from the rest.

Author Support Services

Imagine Publicity Author book services

The principal objective for authors is to write. When the work is complete, many have no idea what to do next. That’s when ImaginePublicity is here for support.

Since 2008 we have worked with various authors from all genres to enhance their presence on the internet. We offer support services such as website building, social media training, social media management, author brand development, podcast interviews, email newsletter creation, and virtual assistance. ImaginePublicity can furnish you with the tools and training for you to see the best success possible for your books.


Editing Services

Don’t let small mistakes ruin your book because many readers will put your book down if they find the smallest error. Improve the clarity and readability of your manuscript. Great editing will focus on the flow of the story as well as grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation, consistency and style. Let us make your book shine.


Book Covers

Your book should jump off the shelf or the webpage and the only way to do that is to have an eye-catching and intriguing book cover. However, it isn’t as easy as you might think. Let help you sell more books with an eye-catching book cover.


Book trailers

Book trailers will capture and hold a potential reader’s attention immediately. They are a must for any author hoping to get more book sales and engage potential readers. Let us create a book trailer for your book using the latest in image, text and narration techniques.


Author content

Build your social media presence with relevant content for your website. We will create articles for your site on subjects that will interest your readers. Unlike social media campaigns, when your articles are published on your website, they stay there day after day continually promoting your book. Speak to us about how to generate long-term SEO for your website.


Book Blurbs

Did you know that it is your book blurb that really sells your book? Your book blurb is your one chance to sell your book to a potential reader. While your cover and title might have gained a reader’s interest, it is the book blurb that will sell your book. It will make the difference between someone moving to the next book or buying yours.

Let us write a compelling synopsis of your book that will sell more copies. Let our professional copywriters capture the very spark that makes your book intriguing – the kind of book readers can’t put down.


Content creation for authors

If you need help creating meaningful content for your author website, let us help you. Don’t get caught up in the stress of trying to produce an endless amount of blog posts and articles. Let our SEO experts create content for you that will drive much needed traffic to your site and to your book.


Animated stories

Would you love to see your story as an animation? Animations are the best way to share your story because everyone loves watching them from kids to adults. Our hand-crafted animations are a joy to watch and share. An animated version of your story is a wonderful way to promote your book and gain valuable followers on social media.