Snapshot of American Reading Habits

Snapshot American Reading Habits 2017

Here is a Snapshot of American Reading Habits in 2017

Reading opens up an infinite world of pleasure and discovery. People who read books are able to dive into another world, whenever they like, just by turning over a page. That’s a pretty wonderful thing to do.

The problem with books is that they take time and space to read. Finding that time and space can be difficult in our fast-paced world, full of digital distractions. Why, when all of us have access endless information via our smartphones, would anyone choose to read a book?

Reading: the habit that won’t die

Perhaps we still love reading books precisely because it gives as a way out of the digital world. Many predicted the death of print when e-books came on the scene, but in 2017, we’re buying more paper books and fewer e-books.

And while the internet is a constant temptation, it poses no great threat to the traditional book. In 2017, Americans spent almost the same amount of time reading as they did in 2016.

What are we reading?

Americans still love to read, that much we know. But what are we reading?

American home-grown authors are still super-popular, dominating the bestseller charts. And while there are always new names popping up, a few perennial favourites, such as horror writer extraordinaire Stephen King, are among the top names year after year.

For all that, our tastes are diverse, with each state having its own favorite authors and books.

What will you read?

Maybe it’s a while since you last picked up a book. If it is, perhaps 2018 is the time to start.